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WatusiWare Corporation

  • San Diego, CA


forked from rhomobile/rhodes

Watusiware fork of rhomobile/rhodes. Look for the watusi- branches! watusi-5-3-stable adds iOS9.2/XCode7.2 iOS simulator support to 5.3.2

Updated Dec 28, 2015

JavaScript 0 14


forked from rickardn/listgroup.js

Automatically turn your select elements into bootstrap list groups or turn your bootstrap list groups into selectable lists.

Updated Nov 20, 2015

JavaScript 417 207


JQuery Mobile widget plug-in for easy use of the iScroll javascript scroller.

Updated Nov 11, 2013

JavaScript 28 9

Easy retrofit of simultaneous (1.0/jqTouch-like) transitions for jQuery Mobile 1.1.1 or later

Updated Dec 12, 2012

JavaScript 0 46


forked from kieranshaw/jquery-mobile-plugins

Various Plugins to Enhance jQuery Mobile

Updated Nov 12, 2012

JavaScript 3 2,187


forked from cubiq/iscroll

Hardware accelerated scroll for mobile webkit

Updated Sep 13, 2012


forked from xmpp4r/xmpp4r

XMPP/Jabber Library for Ruby

Updated Sep 7, 2012


forked from bleything/plist

All-purpose Property List manipulation library

Updated Aug 1, 2012

JavaScript 1 33


forked from dreamerslab/jquery.actual

Get the actual width/height of invisible DOM elements with jQuery.

Updated Jun 6, 2012

JavaScript 1 25


forked from rhomobile/rhomobile-docs

Documentation for Rhomobile, in the form of a sinatra app. Based off the excellent heroku-docs!

Updated Nov 16, 2011

JavaScript 1 0


forked from sNKS/rhodes-api-docs

Updated Oct 28, 2011

JavaScript 1 41

forked from yappo/

jQuery Mobile in a iScroll plugin

Updated Feb 4, 2011

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