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A script that uses tmux for multi-server administration with a tiling interface and synchronized keyboard input along the lines of terminator, clusterssh, multi-gnome-terminal, pconsole, etc.
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mtmux: multi-server SSH via tmux

mtmux uses the tmux terminal multiplexer to create a tiled interface with SSH connections to multiple server with input being sent to all servers. It is useful for administering a handful of servers in an interactive fashion.

tmux must be installed for this script to function.


For basic usage, simply pass any number of user@host specifications.

mtmux user@host user@host2 user@host3

Saved Groups

It is also possible to save groups of servers in files in your /.mtmux directory. Added one user@host per line and call the group by passing the name of the file to mtmux.

For example, /.mtmux/my_servers could contain:

To connect to all servers, simply call:

mtmux my_servers

De-synchronizing Input

To switch between synchronized and unsynchronized input, press (prefix) m. Normal tmux shortcuts can be used to navigate between panes when using unsynchronized input, (prefix) (arrow keys).

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