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The soul of a machine

These are utilities and instructions for putting a machine to death and reincarnating it in another place. The instructions provide for you to be completely unable to resurrect or produce anything without assistance from people on the other side.

See the transmigration web site for the set of documents about how to cross.

Devices supported

I am currently using three devices built by Apple with Apple operating systems. This focuses on transmigrating those devices.

If you would like to add instructions to do a similar thing with other devices, see the contribution guidelines.

Note about the subtitle

The subtitle is a rip from the title of a non-fiction book by Tracy Kidder, published by Little, Brown and Company in 1981. There is really no parallel between this and what the book is about. The parallel stops at the title.

I recommend the book if you're interested in computing technology and how it is (or was) made.

  • It won both a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award in 1982.
  • It's a thrilling read.

Contribution guidelines

Your contributions are welcome. This isn't something that most of us will use everyday. If you use it, and find that it needs updates, please post an issue and, even better, fork and produce a pull request.

Issues without pull requests might take forever to be addressed, but they are still useful because they contain useful information for others, who won't have to rediscover the problem.

If you do something like this with other devices, by all means please fork and add your device specific version following the general outline of the strategy given here. Give us a pull request and we'll add it.

Running locally

  1. Have Ruby and RubyGems installed
  2. Have bundler installed
  3. Use git clone to check-out the repository.
  4. Change to the root directory, transmigration
  5. bundle install to install the gems. This takes some time.
  6. Change to the docs directory
  7. bundle exec jekyll serve
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