Useful Sass utilities for most web projects
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This project is a collection of useful utilities, applicable to any web project. This includes Sass mixins.


Then include it in your composer:

"require": {
  "wearebase/web-front-end-utilities" : "*"

And specify a version or minimum version.

Configure where you want the package to go

If you want to install somewhere other than vendor, in your composer.json add the following:

"extra": {
  "installer-paths": {
    "wp-content/themes/timber/packages/{$name}": ["wearebase/web-front-end-utilities"]



Enabling Sass

Add the package to your Compass build path. In this example, I've imported all of the packages for this project.

add_import_path "wp-content/themes/timber/packages"

Using Sass

  • In your project variables, you can optionally add the following to override default values:
    • $grid-gutter-width
    • $magic-gutter
    • $magic-margin-gutters
    • $magic-padding-gutters
    • $magic-tablet-margin-gutters
    • $magic-tablet-padding-gutters
    • $magic-mobile-margin-gutters
    • $magic-mobile-padding-gutters

Order of files:

  • Font Stack
    • Your project setup file -
    • Your bootstrap variables -
  • Responsive
  • Mixins
    • Your Sass code -
  • Magic Margins

Sass: What's included


Provides a huge array of includes that will assist you in writing your CSS.

Highlights include:

  • Pseudo-Element Generation
  • Magical Vertical-Align
  • hocus (hover + focus in one rule)
  • Proportion generator
  • Responsive font sizer - requires "responsive" file
  • Sprite mixins
  • Bonus Bootstraps!


Responsive includes a bunch of responsive utilities for targeting bootstrap breakpoints - mobile, tablet, desktop, and large desktop. These will change based on your bootstrap config but will default to the bootstrap defaults if not provided.

Also provides mixins for retina devices, retina-sm, retina-xs, and iPhone 5's.

Include this file after your bootstrap variables.


Include this file first in your Sass and you can use a whole load of font stacks. Totally optional but may be useful.

Magic Margins

Use classes like mt4 to quickly add a margin top of 4 gutters to your item. The gutter is automatically pulled in if you're using bootstrap but defaults to 10px.

Examples of classes:

  • [type][direction][x]: type: p or m, direction: t r b l of x gutters
    • Examples: pt2, mb0, mt2, pl2
  • If direction is left empty then padding or margin will apply to all directions
    • Examples: m0, p1, p4
  • Append t- to apply to tablets only (requires import of "responsive")
  • Append m- to apply to mobile only (requires import of "responsive")

If you're referencing a gutter size that isn't being generated, simply adjust the variable for the amount of gutters you want. Gutters are generated from 0 up to the amount you specify.