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IDEAS Research Group (CS@VT)

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  1. CodeWorkout: a programming practice and self-study web site

    Ruby 216 78

  2. pythy Public

    Pythy – the Cloud-Based IDE for Novice Python Programmers

    JavaScript 17 3

  3. This Web-CAT subsystem provides all of Web-CAT's automated grading services. It manages all grading plug-ins as well.

    Java 6 3

  4. Web pages for Web-CAT organization on github.

    HTML 4 5

  5. Sofia – Core Components

    Java 3 1

  6. This "all-in-one" plug-in is designed to provide full processing and feedback generation for Java assignments where students write their own JUnit test cases. It includes ANT-based compilation, JUn…

    Perl 3 1


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