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In #110 we changed the `count` argument of `atomic.notify` so that it is treated as an unsigned `i32`. Previous to this change, it was interpreted as a signed `i32`, with negative numbers signalling that all threads should be woken. This part of the overview wasn't fully updated - fixing this now.

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Threads Proposal for WebAssembly

This repository is a clone of It is meant for discussion, prototype specification and implementation of a proposal to threads support to WebAssembly.

See the overview for a summary of the proposal.

A formatted version of the spec with proposed changes is available here:

Original README from upstream repository follows...


This repository holds the sources for the WebAssembly draft specification (to seed a future WebAssembly Working Group), a reference implementation, and the official testsuite.

A formatted version of the spec is available here:,

Participation is welcome. Discussions about new features, significant semantic changes, or any specification change likely to generate substantial discussion should take place in the WebAssembly design repository first, so that this spec repository can remain focused. And please follow the guidelines for contributing.


For citing WebAssembly in LaTeX, use this bibtex file.