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Webasyst is an open-source PHP framework for fast development of web apps with a password-protected user backend and a publicly available website frontend. Distributed under the terms of LGPL license.


System Requirements

* Web server
	* e.g., Apache, nginx, or IIS
* PHP 5.6+

* PHP extensions
	* spl
	* mbstring
	* iconv
	* json
	* gd or ImageMagick

* MySQL 4.1+

How to install Webasyst framework

  1. Copy the source code to your web server's %PATH% directory (e.g., public_html/webasyst).


    cd %PATH%
    git clone git://


    cd %PATH%
    svn checkout
  2. Enable the framework installation directory (%PATH%) for writing.

    cd ..
    chmod %PATH% 0775
    (or 0777 depending on your server configuration)
  3. Create a new MySQL database for Webasyst.

  4. Open the URL of the installation directory in a browser; e.g., http://localhost/webasyst/. This will start a web-based installation wizard.

  5. Complete all steps of the installation wizard.

    • On the database setup step, enter the credentials of the MySQL database created for Webasyst.
    • On the first user setup step, enter any user name, password, and email address for your main Webasyst user (administrator).
    • Sign into the user backend to complete the installation.

How to update Webasyst framework

  1. Update framework files from a repository.
  2. Sign into your Webasyst user backend. This will automatically apply any required meta updates to the new framework version.