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Webasyst PHP Framework
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Leonid Vakulenko
Leonid Vakulenko Team app v.1.0.11
  * New features:
    * “API tokens” section with a list of issued Webasyst API tokens
      and the option to delete selected tokens.
  * Improvements:
    * Displaying of added and edited users in the Live Stream.
    * Sorting of users by names in “Access” section.
    * Sorting of apps by name in users and groups access settings.
    * Displaying of multi-line descriptions in users’ contact information.
Latest commit e7b4cb1 Apr 28, 2020


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wa-apps Team app v.1.0.11 Apr 28, 2020
wa-content Webasyst Framework v.1.13.8 Apr 22, 2020
wa-plugins wa-plugins/shipping/yandexdelivery v.1.2.8 Apr 28, 2020
wa-system Webasyst Framework v.1.13.8 (release) Apr 28, 2020
wa-widgets wa-widgets/news v.1.3.0 Jan 24, 2018
.gitignore Update .gitignore Nov 21, 2018
.htaccess Webasyst Framework v.1.13.0 (developer preview) Nov 7, 2019
LICENSE system 1.0.7, new waMail (Swift Mailer), stickies and contacts updates May 3, 2012
README Webasyst Framework 1.8.0 Jan 25, 2018
README.markdown fixed README and list of default apps Aug 30, 2012
api.php Webasyst framework v.1.7.15 Sep 20, 2017
cli.php Webasyst framework v.1.7.15 Sep 20, 2017
index.php Webasyst framework v.1.7.15 Sep 20, 2017
wa.php fix wa.php Oct 1, 2014



Webasyst is an open source PHP Framework for developing web apps with backend and frontend. Distributed under the terms of LGPL license.

System Requirements

* Web Server
	* e.g. Apache or IIS
* PHP 5.2+
	* spl extension
	* mbstring
	* iconv
	* json
	* gd or ImageMagick extension

* MySQL 4.1+

Installing Webasyst Framework

  1. Get the code into your web server's folder %PATH% (e.g. public_html/webasyst):

    via GIT:

     cd %PATH%
     git clone git://

    via SVN:

     cd %PATH%
     svn checkout
  2. Set up Webasyst config files (located within %PATH%/wa-config folder).

     cd wa-config
     cp apps.php.example apps.php
     cp config.php.example config.php
     cp SystemConfig.class.php.example SystemConfig.class.php
  3. Enable framework installation folder (PATH) for writing

     cd ..
     chmod %PATH% 0775
     (or 0777 depending on server configuration)
  4. MySQL Database:

    Create a new database for Webasyst Framework and its apps.

  5. Run Webasyst Framework in a web browser (e.g. http://localhost/webasyst/).

Updating Webasyst Framework

Staying with the latest version of Webasyst Framework is easy: simply update your files from the repository and login into Webasyst, and all required meta updates will be applied to Webasyst and its apps automatically.

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