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Webasyst PHP Framework
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Webasyst is an open source PHP Framework for developing web apps with backend and frontend. Distributed under the terms of LGPL license.

System Requirements

* Web Server
    * e.g. Apache or IIS

* PHP 5.2+
    * spl extension
    * mbstring
    * iconv
    * json
    * gd or ImageMagick extension

* MySQL 4.1+

Installing Webasyst Framework

  1. Get the code into your web server's folder %PATH% (e.g. public_html/webasyst):

    via GIT:

    cd %PATH%
    git clone git://

    via SVN:

    cd %PATH%
    svn checkout
  2. Set up Webasyst config files (located within %PATH%/wa-config folder).

    cd wa-config
    cp apps.php.example apps.php
    cp config.php.example config.php
    cp SystemConfig.class.php.example SystemConfig.class.php
  3. Enable framework installation folder (PATH) for writing

    cd ..
    chmod %PATH% 0775
    (or 0777 depending on server configuration)
  4. MySQL Database:

    Create a new database for Webasyst Framework and its apps.

  5. Run Webasyst Framework in a web browser (e.g. http://localhost/webasyst/).

Updating Webasyst Framework

Staying with the latest version of Webasyst Framework is easy: simply update your files from the repository and login into Webasyst, and all required meta updates will be applied to Webasyst and its apps automatically.

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