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Sigurd project

Sigurd project is Django project configurator.

Django is very flexible framework. You could build web-application of any size and complexity with it. But if your project becomes big, sometimes (often, actually) its structure becomes a mess! And its configuration becomes very complex.

Our goal is to make configuration simple and clear for big and complex Django projects. We even offer a project profiles!

Sigurd contains of two parts:
  1. Project utilities (tools to configure your project)
  2. Web-configurator (DB of existent configurations)

Project Utilities

Utilities extends your Django project configuration:
  1. You can add/remove applications into your Django project from the command line
  2. You can it as well from the config file
  3. After apps were installed you can to manually re-configure them
  4. You can create different Django project profiles
There are:
  1. Command-line project utils
  2. Python (Django) configuration utils


TODO: we are planning to release a distributable that will be installable via pip:

pip install sigurd

But for now, only the source code is available at


Web-configurator is a web-site which contains Django apps configurations and profiles. We have deployed it here for now:

At the site you can do next:
  • Manually download specific Django app config and add it into your project
  • Upload your own app config or profile
  • Construct on-line (choose apps) and download Django project (Note: we don't know if we will make it in scope of DjangoDash 2011)


We provide this site sources. You can deploy it locally or make a clone if you want. We have specific project structure. You will find the Site Django project in the 'source'.

Extra information

For license instructions, see LICENSE.


Sigurd provides class based settings for Django apps




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