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Java-based utilities for reading, creating and modifying Amiga file systems
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can now both create OFS and FFS volumes in GUI application,
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adf-core/src dropped maven support, supporting sbt 0.11.0 Oct 4, 2011
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ADF Tools

Author: Wei-ju Wu
Creation Date: February 11th, 2011
Description: Tools for accessing Amiga file system images in Java

About this project

This is a collection of software tools to access Amiga file systems.

At the core is a file system library written in Scala. I started to write this because I wanted to use my Mac to prepare a couple of ADF files for testing on UAE.


Since Github does not support downloads anymore, a prebuilt binary can be downloaded from

On most systems, a double click on the jar file's icon should work. Alternatively, the browser can be started with

java -jar adftools-1.0.jar

from the command line.


The project can be built with sbt. The library is in the adf-core module, the application is in the app module.

$ sbt

project app run

For building an assembly jar file that contains all dependencies, run

sbt> assembly


  • supports Double Density disks
  • supports OFS and FFS
  • can create disks
  • can add files to a disk
  • rename files/directories/disk, move files between directories
  • delete files (non-destructive)
  • can copy files from a disk
  • view icons from .info files
  • stretch icons to display adapt aspect ratio
  • 1.3 and 2.0 palettes for icon display


The ADF C library does not compile correctly on my machine and I needed a Java library to access ADF files anyways, so I just started to work on it.

The file system specifications were taken from

Ralph Babel's Amiga Guru Book, chapters 9, 10 and 15 Data Becker Amiga Intern, chapter 3.8

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