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How you get it

Run the following in a terminal:

bash <(curl

Beware that this will overwrite any changes you've made to your dotfiles. Your original files (if present) will be left in place with a .orig extension.

What you get

New Commands

ssh-copy-id:                copies your public key to the indicated server. Only installed if your system doesn't have it by default

Sensible Defaults

Sensible sorting defaults for common commands (ls, df, etc) are aliased by default ls now has similar workalikes in l, ll and dir

cd now prints a directory listing after every directory change.

Command Completion

A local copy of bash_completion has been installed. This provides context sensitive argument expansion (for example, try tab completing host names on an ssh command)

Note that if a machine already has global bash completion installed (in /etc/bash_completion) then the local completion included herein is turned off.

Automatic updates

You can get the latest version of dotfiles at any time by running dotfiles update.

Directory Stacks

The cd command now tracks directories you move in and out of. To pop the stack and go back to directories you were just in, run popd (or its alias, cdb).

Making local mods

These scripts evaluate .bashrc.local, which can be used to hold commands specific to a given machine. Note that the .bashrc.local file is NOT managed by dotfiles.