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Infinite Message Queue build on TiKV, project for Hackathon2018 of PingCAP
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infinite Message Queue

iMQ is a message service Cloud-Native oriented and Topic-based, it is unconcerned what's storage engine is used for iMQ through abstraction of storage module. so, you can use any storage you want such as TiKV, S3, HDFS etc by implementing Storage API. So far iMQ only support TiKV and TiKV is default engine, more engines may be implemented in the future.

iMQ was born for scale-out free in any dimensions, which means you can increase or decrease your iMQ cluster size to reach performance you want. In iMQ, Topic is a logic concept, it consist of multiple queues that distributed in multiple broker. Queue is similar to Partition of Kafka or Queue of RocketMQ, but the different is the queue of iMQ can be consumed by multiple clients and Kafka or RocketMQ can't. Currently, iMQ at an early stage, if you interested in iMQ, any contribution are very welcome.


Milestone 1

  • Normal Message: DOING
  • Delay Message : TODO
  • Integration with Kubernetes: TODO
  • OPS Easier: TODO
  • Monitor: TODO
  • Ordered Message: TODO

Milestone 2

  • Authorization: TODO
  • Multiple Language Clients: TODO
  • MQTT Protocol Supported: TODO

Milestone 3

  • Transaction Message: TODO
  • Integration with BigData System: TODO
  • Function & Streaming: TODO
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