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Automating project management for KiCad
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Automating project documentation for KiCad

This project is not yet live!


  1. Install KiCad 4.0 or newer.

  2. Clone this repository.

  3. python2 prompts for your company info, the template and library paths, and to install the other dependency modules. It will ask if you want to use wickerlib.

  4. kf -n newboard creates a new project.

  5. Add parts to the schematic. Add additional part information if desired.

  6. Draw the schematic. Create netlist.

  7. kf -b newboard builds a bill of materials from the netlist.

  8. Lay out the board.

  9. kf -m newboard generates manufacturing files from .kicad_pcb.

  10. Create .pos file.

  11. kf -a newboard generates assembly files for quote from the .pos file.

  12. Edit the as desired.

  13. kf -p newboard creates the output zip files and PDF documentation.

Future Package Installation

Create a templates and lib directory:

mkdir ~/wickerlib
mkdir ~/wickerlib/templates
mkdir ~/wickerlib/libraries

Install the kifisher PyPi package. This will also install pandoc, among others.

pip install kifisher

Run the kifisher setup to fill in your name, company info, and the absolute paths of your template and library directories.

kifisher --setup
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