Upload pictures from Android to Wikimedia Commons. Looking for volunteers! Come say hi at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/commons-app-android and install at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.free.nrw.commons
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Wikimedia Commons Android app

The Wikimedia Commons Android app allows users to upload pictures from their Android phone/tablet to Wikimedia Commons. Download the app here, or view our website.

Initially started by the Wikimedia Foundation, this app is now maintained by volunteers. Anyone is welcome to improve it, just choose among the open issues and send us a pull request :-)

Build status

Develop with Android Studio or IntelliJ

Download Android Studio (recommended) or IntelliJ.

  1. Open Android Studio/IntelliJ. Open the project: File > New > Project from Version Control... > Git
    (From Quick Start menu): Check out project from Version Control
  2. Enter https://github.com/commons-app/apps-android-commons/ as Git Repository URL. Specify a (new) local directory you would like to clone into and select OK.

Build Manually


  1. Java SDK 8 (OpenJDK 8 or Oracle Java SE 8)
  2. Android SDK (Level 23)
  3. Gradle

Build Instructions

  1. Set the environment variable ANDROID_HOME to be the path to your Android SDK
  2. Set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to the path to your Java SDK
  3. Run gradlew.bat assembleDebug (Windows) or ./gradlew assembleDebug (Mac / Linux) to build an unisgned apk
  4. Alternatively, you can also connect your Android device via USB and install the app on it directly by running gradlew.bat installDebug (Windows) or ./gradlew installDebug (Mac / Linux)

There are more thorough instructions on the Android Developers website


This software is open source, licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Code Structure

Key breakdowns:

Activities started within the UI:

  • ContributionsActivity (ContributionsListFragment, MediaDetailPagerFragment, MediaDetailFragment) - main "my uploads" list and detail view
  • LoginActivity - login screen when setting up an account
  • SettingsActivity - settings screen
  • AboutActivity - about screen

Activities receiving intents:

  • ShareActivity (SingleUploadFragment, CategorizationFragment) - handles receiving a file from another app, accepting a title/desc, and slating it for upload
  • MultipleShareActivity (MultipleUploadListFragment, CategorizationFragment) - handles receiving a batch of multiple files from another app, accepting a title/desc, and slating them for upload


  • WikiAccountAuthenticatorService - authentication service
  • UploadService - performs actual file uploads in background
  • ContributionsSyncService - polls for updated contributions list from server
  • ModificationsSyncService - pushes category additions up to server

Content providers:

  • ContributionsContentProvider - private storage for local copy of user's contribution list
  • ModificationsContentProvider - private storage for pending category and template modifications
  • CategoryContentProvider - private storage for recently used categories

On-Device Storage

Account credentials are encapsulated in an account provider. Currently only one Wikimedia Commons account is supported at a time. (Question: what is the actual storage for credentials?)

Preferences are stored in Android's SharedPreferences.

Information about past and pending uploads is stored in the Contributions content provider, which uses an SQLite database on the backend.

A list of recently-used categories is stored in the Categories content provider, which uses an SQLite database on the backend.

Captured files are not currently stored within the app, but are passed by content: or file: URI from other apps.

Thumbnail images are not currently cached.