Node.js wrapper for Wikipedia API
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Node.js wrapper for the Wikipedia API

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npm install node-wikipedia


var wikipedia = require("node-wikipedia");"Clifford_Brown", { content: true }, function(response) {
	// structured information on the page for Clifford Brown (wikilinks, references, categories, etc.)

wikipedia.revisions.all("Miles_Davis", { comment: true }, function(response) {
	// info on each revision made to Miles Davis' page

	function(tree) {
		//nested data on the category page for all Phillies players


The MediaWiki API is wonderfully permissive and horribly documented. This is a lightweight wrapper. In addition to providing a basic interface for making HTTP requests to the API, it bundles some requests so that one needn't bother with pagination and so forth.

#Under the Hood dial.js makes API requests, accepting parameters as an object, options as an object, and a callback.

#License This script is provided free and open-source under the MIT license. If you use it, you are politely encouraged to link to this repo.