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What is omnipy?

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Omnipy is a set of hardware and software components that allows users of the Omnipod insulin pump to automate insulin delivery using Android APS. Android APS is a long established artificial pancreas system with support for many different insulin pumps, but does not (yet) officially feature Omnipod support. Omnipy bridges this gap and brings Omnipod to Android APS.

Omnipy evolved from my initial efforts on working with OmniPod and is released to public as of February 2019. It has grown over time with support and feedback from the community.

Read the introduction page on the wiki for more information.

May 12th, Update v1.4.3 available (while stocks last!)

This update fixes various issues from previous 1.4.x releases. Upgrading via image installation is strongly recommended.

See Release Notes for more information on what's new and what's changed in this release.

See also Tips & Tricks with respect to communication stability.

Please refer to the Setup documentation on the wiki for information on how to set up the latest version of omnipy.

Important information from the author

As of omnipy v1.4 release, all development activities on omnipy is stopped. The project is considered feature-complete and stable enough for general use.

Unless a major issue is encountered, there will be no fixes or updates to the current release. Support will still be available in the same form as it has been until today. If anyone is interested in taking the project further in its current form, get in touch.

Next up: OmniCore

I will focus all development efforts related to Omnipod and Omnipod Dash on OmniCore, an OmniPod focused software product with a broader scope involving multiple platforms, hardware components and surprise features.

Today, I'm excited to announce that the very first milestone of OmniCore is going to replace omnipy completely to address one particular complaint all omnipy users (including myself) have had so far: Having to carry a raspberry pi and a power supply.

All of the omnipy functionality has already been ported and the first release is scheduled to arrive very soon. Keep an eye on the OmniCore github page for a status update in the coming days.

Join us

For questions, updates and support join us in the omnicore-pdm slack.

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