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Welcome to the winpython wiki!

What's in WinPython?

WinPython Package and Changelogs describes the List of packages and changelogs per Release

WinPython Branch Status
WinPython 3.9 Alpha
WinPython 3.8Ps2 (PySide2) Alpha
WinPython 3.8cod (VScode) Maturing
WinPython 3.8 Maturing
WinPython 3.7cod (VScode) Maturing
WinPython 3.7Ps2 (PySide2) Mature (will go up to Pyside2-5.14)
WinPython 3.7 (Qt5) Mature
WinPython 3.6Ps2 (PySide2) Legacy (will remain at Pyside2-5.12.1)
WinPython 3.6Qt5 Legacy (support ended Q2 2019)
WinPython 3.5Qt5 Legacy (support ended Q1 2018)
WinPython 3.6 (Qt4) Legacy (support ended April 2017)
WinPython 3.5 (Qt4) Legacy (support ended November 2016)
WinPython 3.4Qt5 Legacy (support ended April 2017)
WinPython 3.4 Legacy (Qt4) (support ended July 2016)
WinPython 3.3 Legacy (support ended June 2015)
WinPython 2.7 Legacy (support ended October 2015)

Other topics

Wiki page Description
Installation Installation, requirements, registration
Environment Variables How to setup variable environments in WinPython
Installing Additional Packages How to install python packages that are not included in Winpython
Next Releases Follow-up Status of Next Releases
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