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Covid Safe Paths

Please have a look at Safe Paths for further development of GPS and Bluetooth contact tracing.

Safe Paths develops free, open-source, privacy-by-design tools for residents, public health officials, and larger communities to flatten the curve of COVID-19, reduce fear, and prevent a surveillance-state response to the pandemic.

Currently not maintained

Pandoa WirVsVirus

WirVsVirus ID: 0348 0008

Infection chain tracker


API on Postman

Slack: #pandoa_coronaviruscarriertracker

How can I contribute?

Would be great if you could help!

  • Frontend (react native (expo)) Robert Gühne, KaiHawaii
  • Backend (currently we use node.js with mongodb) Daniel Böber, KaiHawaii, Tim
  • Frontend (react native (expo)) Robert Gühne, [KaiHawaii](
  • Testing (giving feedback on bugs, testing in real life environments) Valentin - Medizin, Machine Learning Modelle, Epidemiologie
  • Evaluation (machine learning and data analytics) Sören
  • Communications & organisation [Chris Walter], Hans -
  • Media (creating communication material, presentations, videos, etc.) Soprathna
  • CI/CD, Devops (currently we use AWS EC2 and cloudfront)

Project Plan (Todos):

Corona Tracker

The app informs you, if you had contact with an infected patient.

Die App informiert dich, wenn du Kontakt mit einem infizierten Patient hattest.

Dafür wird im Hintergrund die Bewegung des Nutzers aufgezeichnet und mit den Bewegungsdaten von Patienten verglichen. Der Abgleich funktioniert, ohne dass dein Bewegungsprofil geteilt werden muss, nur im Falle einer Infektion hast du die Möglichkeit dieses anderen Nutzern bereitzustellen.

Data security

No tracking data will be shared unless you want to share the because you've got infected.

How it works

  • The app tracks your phones movement and saves it on the device (no login or upload).
  • The app downloads anonymous position data of infected patients (from the area you have been) and compares them with your movements.
  • This can cause an alarm like: You've attended Event XYZ! A person that is now infected with COVID-19 was at the same place and you had contact for 30 min

If you got infected you can anonymously share your positions of the last 1-2 weeks.

The tech behind

Infection chain tracker

  • Blue lines This is your own movement
  • Small black dots These are the positions of infected patients
  • Red lines This is when you have been in contact with an infected person (at the same position and the same time)

Youtube video

YouTube video


How to use

The application uses for development. Make sure you have Expo and Android Studio or Xcode installed.

How to use the emulator

// Install the expo cli
npm install -g expo-cli
npm install
npm start

How to publish

npm expo build:ios
npm expo upload:ios
npm expo build:android -t apk


The backend is node.js (express) with a mondoDB (mongoose).




The whole application is open source. Do whatever you want with it :)


Similar solutions from the hackathlon




The app informs you, if you had contact with an infected patient.







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