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A database with all WISE operations, synced with the blockchain
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A database with all WISE operations, synced with blockchain.

Swagger docs at 💡

It consists of four services:

  • postgres: database
  • postgrest: REST api for reading from database
  • pusher: synchronizes database with the blockchain
  • api_proxy: hosts swagger specification at /doc and adds version header to response

Try and use our API online

I have launched a temporary version of steem-wise-sql at Feel free to use and try it, but beware that it was just launched and the synchronization may not have been finished yet.

Examples of api calls

The Api is provided by Postgrest. Detailed instructions on making api calls can be found here:

Let's assume that api host is                -- swagger docs openAPI specification         -- list all operations         -- list all properties           -- list all rulesets  -- list last confirmations of specified users (moment of the last activity of a daemon)

--- specify only some fields:,delegator,moment
/* in operations table available fields are: id, block_num, transaction_num, transaction_id, 
   timestamp, voter, delegator, operation_type, json_str, moment */

--- operators (Full list can be found here: https:/ -- voter == (equals) noisy -- moment less than 23029285.0038. Format of moment is block_num.trx_num (trx_num is padded with zeros to four digits) -- block_num greater than 22039180 -- block_num less than 22039180 & operation_type==set_rules

--- ordering: -- from the newest to the oldest -- from the oldest to the newest

-- pagination: -- get first 100 operations -- get next 100 operations

Run WiseSQL by yourself

$ git clone
$ docker-compose up

How to dump the database

You can dump the database from outside the container using our dump script:

$ ./scripts/

This will create a backup directory and dump file in it.

Where to get help?

You can also ask questions as issues in appropriate repository: See issues for this repository.

Contribute to steem Wise

We welcome warmly:

Before contributing please read Wise CONTRIBUTING guide.

Thank you for developing WISE together!

Like the project? Let @wise-team become your favourite witness!

If you use & appreciate our software — you can easily support us. Just vote for "wise-team" to become you one of your witnesses. You can do it here:

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