Nixos configurations for my local cluster of machines.
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William's NixOS Config System


ZFS on Root Configuration

The expected configuration of the root zpool for the system is as follows.

$ zfs list
root                   2.61G  88.4G  3.62M  legacy
root/conf              2.85M  88.4G  2.85M  legacy
root/log                148M  88.4G   148M  legacy
root/nix               1.79G  88.4G  1.79G  legacy
root/state              675M  88.4G   675M  legacy
root/state/postgresql   272K  88.4G   272K  legacy
root/tmp               1.20M  88.4G  1.20M  legacy
$ zfs get all | grep local
root                   mountpoint            legacy                 local
root                   compression           lz4                    local
root                   atime                 off                    local
root                   xattr                 sa                     local
root/conf              devices               off                    local
root/conf              setuid                off                    local
root/log               devices               off                    local
root/log               setuid                off                    local
root/state             devices               off                    local
root/state             setuid                off                    local
root/state/postgresql  recordsize            8K                     local
root/state/postgresql  primarycache          metadata               local
root/state/postgresql  secondarycache        metadata               local
root/state/postgresql  logbias               throughput             local
root/tmp               devices               off                    local
root/tmp               setuid                off                    local
root/tmp               sync                  disabled               local

ZFS on Ceph OSDs

The expected configuration of the pool servicing a ceph osd.

$ zfs get all osdN | grep local
osdN        mountpoint            legacy                 local
osdN        compression           lz4                    local
osdN        atime                 off                    local
osdN        devices               off                    local
osdN        exec                  off                    local
osdN        setuid                off                    local
osdN        xattr                 sa                     local