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Demo Site

Essay - Simple but not simple blog system


  • Support server rendering.
  • Progressive Web Apps.
  • Lightweight Markdown editor based on VueJS.
  • Support Category, Search, Comment, Email notification and Draft box.


Run MongoDB

Please install MongoDB and Node.js, then start the database.

# yourDBpath is your DB folder(anywhere)
$ sudo mongod --dbpath yourDBpath

Run Essay

$ git clone

$ cd essay

$ yarn

$ npm run dev # Visit

Tips: Do not use localhost visit the project, because of cookie is domain only support

Global Config

Global config file is server/config/global.config.js, the default configuration like this

const isPro = process.env.NODE_ENV === "production";

module.exports = {
  mongodb: {
    host: "",
    database: "essay",
    port: 27017,
    user: "",
    pass: ""
  app: {
    domain: isPro ? "" : ""
  admin: {
    username: "admin",
    nickname: "wmui",
    password: "123456",
    description: "前端工程师",
    email: ""
  jwt: {
    expiresIn: 365 * 86400,
    secret: "essay" // Secret is very important, please modify it.
  // If you want to support auto deploy,please config Server IP, repo and path.
  pm2: {
    host: "",
    repo: "",
    path: "/root/blog"

Default login username: admin Default login password: 123456

Deploy Essay

If you want to deploy on production environment, you can just do like this

$ git clone

$ cd essay

$ yarn

$ npm run build

$ pm2 start npm --name "essay" -- start

如果需要自动化部署,可以参考这里Node 项目自动化部署

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