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  1. Timeline Public

    A beautiful vertical timeline made with Tabletop.js, Isotope.js & Handerlbarz.js. A collaboration between Balance Media and WNYC/John Keefe.

    JavaScript 510 137

  2. Cordova plugin for a wakeup alarm clock

    Java 92 112

  3. Cordova plugin for PRX's PlayerHater/PRXPlayer audio playback libraries for Android and iOS

    Java 39 23

  4. Cordova plugin for VLC's audio playback libraries (currently iOS only)

    Java 30 9

  5. Cordova plugin for HockeyApp version updates and crash reporting

    Objective-C 27 22

  6. Django-crowdsourcing is an MIT-licensed survey and report tool for journalists, supporting many types of survey questions and a wide variety of reporting options. A reusable Django application, it …

    Python 26 17


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