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A faster and reduced version of Grml's Zsh configuration
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A stripped down version of Grml's zsh config.


  • Faster startup. wbase.zsh avoids the many Zsh version checks of Grml's config (requires Zsh 5.4 or newer)
  • Better integration with plugin managers like zplug
  • No prompt, because there are better alternatives. You can set your own prompt for example with git-prompt.zsh or powerlevel10k



zplug "woefe/wbase.zsh"


Clone this repo or download the wbase.zsh file. Then source it in your .zshrc. For example:

mkdir -p ~/.zsh
git clone --depth=1 ~/.zsh/wbase.zsh
echo "source ~/.zsh/wbase.zsh/wbase.zsh" >> .zshrc


  • less colors
  • ls colors (requires alias ls=ls --color=auto)
  • text width of man limited to 120 characters
  • Menu completion with sections
  • Large history (100000 items)
  • Autopushd and persistent dirstack
  • Easier dirstack handling. (Type cd -<TAB> or cd +<TAB> to go to recently visited directories)
  • Terminal title for xterm based terminals
  • Useful keybindings:
    • Alt+q: push-line; save current command line, and re-display in next prompt.
    • Alt+h: run-help; show man page of current command
    • Alt+1 to Alt+5: get first to fifth parameter of previous command
  • Useful functions:
    • mkcd: make directory and cd into it
    • cdt: make a temporary directory and cd into it
    • cl: change directory and list files
    • mkqrcode: create QR-Code from stdin or arguments (depends on qrencode)
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