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This is a GPS based pedometer, written for QTMoko but should work on
any QTExtended platform.

for debugging when you run from the command line you can add an argument...

    > qtpedometer gpsd [host:port]

to use gpsd at the given host and port, the default is to use localhost


    > qtpedometer sim [filepath]

will run in simulation mode reading the NMEA data from the given file path.

Before building the package I found that I had to do this...

    > cd build/sdk
    > ln -s ../sdk sdk

In order to not get the following error...

	You must run configure before you can run mkpkg


Shows basic position data in the Pos tab and speed and bearing data in
the Dir tab.  The Trip tab shows the average speed, the distance
travelled the elapsed time for the current trip. The trip is started
but clicking the start button, and can be saved from the Menu.  You
can select wheter the distance is shown in feet/meters or miles/Km
depending on whether metric mode is selected or not.

From the Menu settings can be selected, this allows the units to be
metric or US. Also the Trip sensitivity can be sewt as explained below.

The Com Tab shows a compass which shows where north is based on the
freerunner pointing in the direction of motion, the compass needle is
white for north and red for south, you need to be moving for it to be

There is also a blue arrow when a waypoint is set, this shows the
direction from north the waypoint is, if you are moving and follow the
blue arrow you may eventually reach the waypoint. This is useful for
finding your car :)

The Way pt Tab allows you to set a way point, and if set shows you the
current distance to the way point, if it is set the Compass will also
show the direction to the way point.

The settings screen allows you to set the trip sensitivity, this sets
a distance in meters which you have to move before accumulating trip
distance, setting this above zero will use this method to accumulate
distance, ie adding every 30 meter segment. a good value is 30 meters,
which improves accuracy to around 1% on a 2 mile walk.  

If the setting is 0 then trip distance is calculated from GPS speed
which seems to be less accurate.

Added a Store/Restore waypoint to the menu so you can suspend, then
restore and find your car.


Make trip data file configurable (currently hard coded to /media/card/trip.txt)

Have an indication in compass window of whether it is accurate or not.

Don't allow set waypoint if no fix available