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Howdy campers. We fixed a lot of bugs in Beta 13! Here's a rundown for ya.

Fixed missing images for some new/duplicated boards

When an artist tried to quickly "Duplicate Board" or create a "New Board" several times rapidly, Storyboarder wasn't keeping up, and wasn't saving the new images that were created.
Now that this is fixed, it also fixes related bugs (e.g.: missing images would cause PDF export to fail).
If one of your scenes was altered by this bug, Storyboarder will now detect any missing files and re-create placeholders for them. Your board will then load properly.
If you still see missing boards in Beta 13, please file a bug report so we can track down the culprit.
Our sincere apologies if you've lost work because of these bugs.

Here are the issues related to this bug:

  • 'Clean up scene' deleting panel content #742
  • Fix bugs related to missing images #716
  • Error message and storyboarder wont run. #691
  • File --> Export a PDF .... No PDF is generated #747
  • When files are missing, artists are now notified and placeholder images are generated to prevent further failures #733

”Edit in Photoshop” is much nicer.

The workflow for editing in Photoshop (or other PSD-associated editors) is now a lot nicer in general.
We remember which files you've edited in Photoshop, and "link" them to your board. If you try to draw on a "linked" board, we warn you first. When you duplicate a board, we duplicate any linked PSD as well. And we warn you if you try to use a Photoshop feature that Storyboarder can't understand.

  • Working with PSD's too destructive #654
  • Watcher can't handle parens in filenames #745
  • Update copy for "board is already linked" prompt #736
  • If board is linked, don't warn about overwriting PSD #737
  • "edit in photoshop" thumbnails don't update #739
  • Each board can have a "link" to a source file from an editor (e.g.: PSD) #703
  • "Duplicate" should make a copy of the source board's linked PSD (if any) #714
  • Catch and report errors on Photoshop link import #738

Fixed some bugs with Fountain Script import

  • Open Fountain Script creates bugs #685
  • Based On Script #675
  • Some Fountain files do not import correctly #694
  • Fixed a bug where HTML in Fountain script nodes would break HTML in script/scene pane DIVs
  • Fountain scripts: better error handling while loading #720
  • JavaScript error when open .fountain file. #706
  • Fountain parser: scenes without scene numbers cause problems #719

Fixed some other stuff

  • Fixed a bug where Key Command window could be opened multiple times 06205c6
  • Shift-Tab will now cycle view modes in reverse #681
  • Fixed a bug that prevented developers from starting the app in some cases #735
  • "Clean Up Scene" now reloads the scene properly (with one caveat) #713
  • Loading view now reports errors to user #718

Some known issues. Here's one.

  • Result of unsaved work prompt is ignored by external processes that close the main window #753