Solutions and errata for Cocoa Programming for OS X, 5th Edition.
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Chapter 01 - GetStarted/RandomPassword
Chapter 02 - Swift/MyPlayground.playground
Chapter 03 - Swift2/Physics.playground
Chapter 05 - Controls/RGBWell
Chapter 06 - Delegation/SpeakLine
Chapter 07 - TableView/SpeakLine
Chapter 08 - KVC/Thermostat
Chapter 09 - NSArrayController/RaiseMan
Chapter 10 - Formatters/RaiseMan
Chapter 11 - Undo/RaiseMan
Chapter 12 - Archiving/RaiseMan
Chapter 13 - CoreData/CarLot
Chapter 14 - UserDefaults/SpeakLine
Chapter 15 - AlertPanel/RaiseMan
Chapter 16 - Notifications/Chatter
Chapter 17 - CustomViews
Chapter 18 - MouseEvents/Dice
Chapter 19 - KeyboardEvents/Dice
Chapter 20 - DrawingText/Dice
Chapter 21 - Pasteboard/Dice
Chapter 22 - DragDrop/Dice
Chapter 23 - NSTimer/Dice
Chapter 24 - Sheets/Dice
Chapter 25 - Autolayout
Chapter 26 - Localization/RaiseMan
Chapter 27 - Printing/RaiseMan
Chapter 28 - WebServices/RanchForecast
Chapter 29 - UnitTest/RanchForecast
Chapter 30 - NSViewController/ViewControl
Chapter 31 - ViewSwapping/ViewControl
Chapter 32 - Storyboards/RanchForecastSplit
Chapter 33 - CoreAnimation/Scattered
Chapter 34 - Concurrency/Scattered
Chapter 35 - NSTask
Chapter 36 - Distribution/RanchForecastSplit

Cocoa Programming for OS X, 5th Edition

This branch contains solutions and the companion guide for Swift 2.0. If you are using Swift 1.2, see the swift1-2 branch.

Solutions and Errata

This repository contains the solutions and errata for Cocoa Programming for OS X - The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 5th Edition, by Aaron Hillegass, Adam Preble, and Nate Chandler.

Solutions for exercises can be found in the folder corresponding to that chapter. Solutions to challenges are not provided, but we encourage you to discuss your challenge solution (or quest for a solution!) on the forum for this book. contains a list of all errata that have been found in the book. If you think you have found a bug, please make a post on the forum.

This edition was written for Xcode 6.3 on OS X Yosemite 10.10 with Swift 1.2. As with any technology, as Apple releases new versions you may encounter surprises. Where possible we will update the errata to call attention to these changes.

Swift 2 Transition Guide

At WWDC 2015, Apple announced Xcode 7 and Swift 2, both of which introduce significant updates. Those changes, and to a lesser extent changes to Cocoa for OS X 10.11, necessitate a companion guide for using Xcode 7 to work through the exercises in the book. That companion guide is here.

Learn at Big Nerd Ranch

If you would like to learn Cocoa from one of us live and in person in a monastic, focused, and intensive setting, consider attending our famous Cocoa Bootcamp. Or, if you have a good handle on Swift, the Fast Track Bootcamp. We can even teach at your company. If you're looking for a deeper understanding of OS X at a system level, check out iOS and OS X Internals for Developers. We also write apps that solve problems for our clients.