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Email Checker for Android and iOS


This library helps to catch simple email domain typos. Its intended to be used as a hint when a user have to enter an email address.

The library is written in C++ and is inspired by the algorithm described here: (Warning, it's not the exact same algo).

How to use it in an Android project

Currently gradle doesn't support NDK, so we used a trick to make it work: it generates a temporary .jar file containing .so, this file is used as a jar dependency for the final .aar file.

If you want to use it in your Android project, your can add it as a library in your build.gradle file, don't forget to add the wordpress-mobile maven repository. For instance:

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    // use the latest 0.x version
    compile 'org.wordpress:emailchecker:0.+'

Sample usage:

String emailToCheck = "";
String suggest = (new EmailChecker()).suggestDomainCorrection(email);
if (suggest.compareTo(email) != 0) {
    Log.v("FIXME", "did you mean: " + suggest + " ?");

How to use it in an iOS project

If you use CocoaPods, you just have to add the following pod to your dependency list:

pod 'EmailChecker', :podspec => ''

Sample usage:

NSString *emailToCheck = @"";
NSString *suggestedEmail = [EmailChecker suggestDomainCorrection: @""];
if (![suggestedEmail isEqualToString:emailToCheck]) {
    NSLog(@"Did you mean: %@", suggestedEmail);

Hack it

Directory structure

|-- common                  # common C++ native code
|-- android
|   |-- jni                 # android specific C++ native code
|   `-- src                 # android specific Java code
`-- ios
    |-- EmailChecker        # iOS specific Obj-C++ code
    `-- EmailCheckerTests   # Obj-C++ tests (testing C++ code in common/)

The steps to add a new public method

  1. Create the public method in common/
  2. Wrap it as a Java jni method in android/jni and android/java
  3. Wrap it as a Obj-C++ method in ios/EmailChecker/


  • For Android

    $ cd android && gradle build
  • For iOS

    $ cd ios && xcodebuild

Apps that use this library

WordPress for Android

Screenshot from WordPress Android

WordPress for iOS

Screenshot from WordPress Android


This library is dual licensed unded MIT and GPL v2.



  • Failback to the identity function when native libraries can't be loaded (weird Android ROMs).
  • Update to gradle-android 0.8 and use gradle to build jni code


  • Initial release