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Worktips is a crypto perfect for rewarding


  1. worktipscoin worktipscoin Public

    Worktips is a crypto perfect for rewarding

    C++ 12 9

  2. worktips-lite-wallet worktips-lite-wallet Public

    Worktips desktop GUI wallet featuring remote blockchain synchronization and CPU miner with threads selection.

    C++ 5 6

  3. checkpoints checkpoints Public

    Checkpoints file for faster syncing of the Worktips client


  4. python3-network-discord-bot python3-network-discord-bot Public

    CryptoNote network stats discord bot that displays a variety of network information and statistics on demand

    Python 4 4

  5. python3-interval-discord-bot python3-interval-discord-bot Public

    Super simple python 3 based interval discord bot that sends a custom message to select discord server's channel at a defined time interval.

    Python 4 6


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