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This is the code that generates the 1st place solution to the second Annual Data science bowl competition.

A. Download and prepare data

Change the directories in to your settings, and download the sunny-brook data set, the train, valid, and test data set. Append the rows from validate.csv to train.csv and rename it as train_valid.csv

The directory manual_data/ includes all the hand labeled images and the contours, they are combined with the sunnybrook data to train the CNN networks.

B. Train CNNs to predict the contours of the LV

Part A
  1. run >> bash CNN_A/
    a) it preprocesses the image data for the CNN net to train.
    b) it trains many version of the CNN models with different parameters. To save time, you can simply just run versions 3 and 6 and get a slightly worse result but 1/4 of the total amount of time. For each version of CNN, it takes about 3 hours to train on a GPU GTX 970, and 20 second to predict for each case.
    c) it loads the trained CNN models and predicts the contours for all cases.
    d) it extracts the sex-age inforamtion for later use to build sex-age based default model.
    If there are additional cases that you need to make predictions, just run the script:
  2. run >> bash CNN_A/
    a) predicts the contours for test cases.
    b) extracts the sex-age inforamtion for test cases.
Part B

run >>python
it runs similar steps for CNN_B

C. Calculate the volumes

Combine (average) all the processed results that contains the area of the contours, calculate the volumes for each case, and fit simple models based on the train dataset to correct systematic errors, and predict for the unknowns.

run >> ./
It uses case 1-700 to fit the following simple models, and generates the final submission file.
a) sex-age model
b) largest-slice model
c) 4-channel model
d) CNN_B
e) CNN_A
d) CNN_A method2
f) average model to combine all the previous models

D. Results

The full model gives a score on the train+validation set 0.00936, and test score 0.009485.

For simplicity, you can just run versions 3 and 6 from CNN_A, which gives train+valid score 0.00970 and test score 0.00986.

About hardware we used:

About software:

  • Python 2.7.6
  • CNN_A: cv2.version = 3.1.0
  • CNN_B: cv2.version = 2.4.12


Solution to win the second Annual Data science bowl




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