This is a portable library for consuimg the WordPress REST-API in (almost) any C# application
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This is a portable library for consuming the WordPress REST-API in (almost) any C# application. If you find bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to create an issue.


WordPressPCL is published under the MIT License


WordPress Requirements

Since WordPress 4.7 the REST API has been integrated into the core so there's no need for any plugins to get basic functionality. If you want to access protected endpoints, this library supports authentication through JSON Web Tokens (JWT) (plugin required).

Including WordPressPCL

The WordPressPCL API Wrapper is avaiable through NuGet:

> Install-Package WordPressPCL

Supported Plattforms

WordPressPCL is built on top of the new .NET Standard targeting netstandard versions 1.1 and 2.0 - therefore it should work on the following plaforms:

  • .NET Framework 4.5 and newer
  • .NET Core
  • Universal Windows Platform (uap)
  • Windows 8.0 and newer
  • Windows Phone (WinRT, not Silverlight)
  • Mono / Xamarin

Quickstart: Using the API Wrapper

// Initialize
var client = new WordPressClient("");

// Posts
var posts = await client.Posts.GetAll();
var postbyid = await client.Posts.GetById(id);

// Comments
var comments = await client.Comments.GetAll();
var commentbyid = await client.Comments.GetById(id);
var commentsbypost = await client.Comments.GetCommentsForPost(postid, true, false);

// Users
// JWT authentication
var client = new WordPressClient(ApiCredentials.WordPressUri);
client.AuthMethod = AuthMethod.JWT;
await client.RequestJWToken(ApiCredentials.Username,ApiCredentials.Password);

// check if authentication has been successful
var isValidToken = await client.IsValidJWToken();

// now you can send requests that require authentication
var response = client.Posts.Delete(postid);

Supported REST Methods

Create Read Update Delete
Posts yes yes yes yes
Pages yes yes yes yes
Comments yes yes yes yes
Categories yes yes yes yes
Tags yes yes yes yes
Users yes yes yes yes
Media yes yes yes yes
Post Revisions --- yes --- yes
Taxonomies --- yes --- ---
Post Types --- yes --- ---
Post Statuses --- yes --- ---
Settings --- yes yes ---

Additional Features

Contribution Guidelines

We're very happy to get input from the community on this project! To keep the code clean we ask you to follow a few simple contribution guidelines.

First, create an issue describing what feature you want to add or what problem you're trying to solve, just to make sure no one is already working on that. That also gives us a chance to debate whether a feature is within the scope of this project.

Second, please try to stick to the official C# coding guidelines.

Also, make sure to write some tests covering your new or modified code.