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@sheppard sheppard released this May 3, 2021

wq.db 1.3 beta is a beta of the next version of wq.db, as part of the wq 1.3 beta release. This release includes additional changes to improve support for @wq/material and @wq/map-gl, as well as the pre-built wq.js provided by

Field Improvements

Other Improvements

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@sheppard sheppard released this Apr 27, 2021

wq.db 1.2.2 confirms support for Django REST Framework 3.12 (#83 via @tomaszn). It is otherwise functionally the same as wq.db 1.2.1.

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Dec 2, 2020
support 'group' type; easier field conf override

@sheppard sheppard released this Sep 29, 2020

wq.db 1.3 alpha is a preview of the next version of wq.db, as part of the wq 1.3 alpha release. This release includes minor changes to ensure compatibility with the new React renderer, as well as the pre-built ESM script provided by 1.3 alpha. In particular:

  • The generated wq config object now includes verbose_name and verbose_name_plural from the Django model definitions (78dab96)
  • The config can be dumped as ESM in addition to AMD and JSON (f441a31).
  • If settings.WQ_APP_TEMPLATE is defined, wq.db will use file that to render all HTML views. The template is assumed to be a minimal index.html that simply loads @wq/app to do the actual rendering (f441a31).

The new wq django template automatically leverages these configuration options.

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@sheppard sheppard released this Sep 2, 2020

wq.db 1.2.1 includes a minor patch for compatibility with Django 3.1 (#81). Be sure to use Django REST Framework 3.11.1 (or newer) as well.

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@sheppard sheppard released this Jan 15, 2020

wq.db 1.2.0 is the first stable release of the wq.db 1.2 series.

Changes since wq.db 1.2 beta

  • Compatibility with Django 3.0 and Django REST Framework 3.11

Other changes since wq.db 1.1.4

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@sheppard sheppard released this Oct 7, 2019

wq.db 1.2.0b1 is the beta of the upcoming release of wq.db 1.2. The release brings a number of improvements for compatibility with various libraries.

Compatibility Updates

Library Update Reference
DRF 3.10 Use action() decorator for detail routes #77 1.2 Generate <script> tags for Create React App builds wq/wq#44
Django 2.2 Add django.contrib.messages.context_processors.messages to settings ee63ec0
natural-keys 1.5.1 Add defaults kwarg to create_by_natural_key() 86dd959

Bug Fixes

  • Don't trigger queryset evaluation when generating config. This fixes an issue when first deploying an existing project with an empty database (92c11b8).
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@sheppard sheppard released this Jul 19, 2019

wq.db 1.1.4 brings a couple of minor changes to restore backwards compatibility with older versions of 1.1.

  • Restrict Django REST Framework to version 3.9 (see #77). Support for DRF 3.10 will be added in wq.db 1.2.
  • Temporarily revert #62 and #69. These will be restored in wq.db 1.2.

Thanks @tomaszn and @MartinPontius for bringing attention to these issues.

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@sheppard sheppard released this Apr 17, 2019

wq.db 1.1.3 brings a bunch of relatively minor bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Pass Django DEBUG setting to config (#41)
  • Properly handle non-root base URL (wq/wq#31, #53)
  • Prevent accidentally re-registering the same model twice (d0fa268)
  • Use configuration to set page size (085588a)

Router Integration

  • Don't require include() for rest.router.urls (#55)
  • Include request context in parent serializer for filter-by-parent views (#70)
  • View might not have router (b20afc4)

Form Generation

  • Don't hide list_exclude fields in config (#62)
  • Use 'select one' XLSForm type when rendering Boolean fields (#69)


  • Various fixes to the patterns module (5129695, f585c78, b5d2689)
  • Verify Django 2.1 and Python 3.7 support
  • Ensure most test cases work with/without PostgreSQL and with/without GIS support
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@sheppard sheppard released this Jan 11, 2019

wq.db 1.1.1 & 1.1.2 make it possible to use wq.db without requiring GeoDjango (django.contrib.gis) and its prerequisites (like GDAL).

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