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High-performance Async REST API, in Python. FastAPI + GINO + Uvicorn (powered by PostgreSQL).

Get Started

Run Locally with Docker

  1. Clone this Repository. git clone
  2. Run ./scripts/setup from the root directory. (Run pip install pipenv first, if necessary.)
  3. Run locally using docker-compose. ./scripts/develop


  • Generate a DB Migration: ./scripts/migrate (note app/settings/ will run migrations automatically when running /scripts/develop)
  • Run tests: ./scripts/test
    • --no_build - don't rebuild the containers
    • --moto-port=<port_number> - explicitly sets the motoserver port (default 50000)
  • Run specific tests: ./scripts/test tasks/
  • Each development branch app instance gets its isolated database in AWS dev account that's cloned from geostore database. This database is named with the branch suffix (like geostore_<branch_name>). If a PR includes a database migration, once the change is merged to higher environments, the geostore database needs to also be updated with the migration. This can be done by manually replacing the existing database by a copy of a cleaned up version of the branch database (see ./ script for cloning command).
  • Debug memory usage of Batch jobs with memory_profiler:
    1. Install memory_profiler in the job's Dockerfile
    2. Modify the job's script to run with memory_profiler. Ex: pixetl "${ARG_ARRAY[@]}" -> mprof run -M -C -T 1 --python /usr/local/app/gfw_pixetl/ "${ARG_ARRAY[@]}"
    3. scp memory_profiler's .dat files off of the Batch instance (found in /tmp by default) while the instance is still up


Core Dependencies

  • FastAPI: touts performance on-par with NodeJS & Go + automatic Swagger + ReDoc generation.
  • GINO: built on SQLAlchemy core. Lightweight, simple, asynchronous ORM for PostgreSQL.
  • Uvicorn: Lightning-fast, asynchronous ASGI server.
  • Optimized Dockerfile: Optimized Dockerfile for ASGI applications, from

Additional Dependencies

  • Pydantic: Core to FastAPI. Define how data should be in pure, canonical python; validate it with pydantic.
  • Alembic: Handles database migrations. Compatible with GINO.
  • SQLAlchemy_Utils: Provides essential handles & datatypes. Compatible with GINO.
  • PostgreSQL: Robust, fully-featured, scalable, open-source.