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pwait - await process completion


pwait [pid or process_name...]


pwait waits until all arguments have terminated.

If a number is passed pwait assumes it is a pid; otherwise it is handled as a process name. To wait for a process--not a pid--called "123" use the --name option.

If pwait was passed a process_name or invoked using the --name option, pwait waits until all processes matching process_name have terminated, including new processes spawned after invocation.

Mixing pids and process names is not supported.

The primary difference between pwait and wait is the latter is limited to only child processes of the current shell, while pwait can be used to monitor any process.


-i, --interval           set watch interval in seconds (default: 0.5 sec)

-n, --name               watch process based on exact name rather than pid

-v, --verbose            increase verbosity

-vv                      increase verbosity more

--version                show version number and exit


  • download pwait

    $ wget
  • make it executable

    $ chmod +x ./pwait
  • move it to a folder in $PATH

    $ mv ./pwait ~/bin/


proctools, wait


Copyright (c) 2013, William Ting. Licensed under BSD 2-clause:

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