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LV2 convolution plugin
C C++ Makefile
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convoLV2 is a LV2 plugin to convolve audio signals.

It uses libzita-convolver to do the convolution and libsndfile, libsamplerate to read the impulse-response file.

Currently, it is in early alpha stage of development, but is useful because it provides latency-free convolution, and serves as a testing implementation of the new "options" and "buf-size" extensions added in LV2 1.2.0. For convoLV2 to work, the host must:

The plugin works properly, but currently lacks any way to change configuration settings (e.g. gain, delay, channel mapping). A very basic GUI is included for loading an IR file, since LV2 hosts do not currently support string parameters in host generated UIs.

Saving state, including proper file references, is supported via the LV2 state extension.

Currently, convoLV2 is known to work in Jalv 1.2.0.

Installation & Usage

sudo make install

sudo make uninstall

Make accepts the following parameters: CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, PREFIX, DESTDIR

make CFLAGS=-O2
make install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/convoLV2 PREFIX=/usr

Report bugs to or on #lv2

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