Refactoring opportunities in x64dbg

Duncan Ogilvie edited this page May 5, 2017 · 10 revisions

This is just a list of things that could be improved in the code. Feel free to add something if you find anything.


  • Menu shortcut system (Configuration.cpp contains duplicate descriptions for actions made with makeShortcutAction)
  • Refactor common menu entries for rapid feature deployment in new views
  • Convert everything to MenuBuilder


  • Clean up debugger.cpp and debugger.h. This file currently serves multiple purposes.
  • Move the database and dbghelp to a separate component.


  • Supports ODBGScript
  • Supports memory breakpoints
  • Supports memory watching similar to CheatEngine
  • Includes instruction emulator
  • Shows modified memory of current dump (possible with shadow buffer)
  • Supports mode of operation that doesn't attach but uses process manipulation APIs
  • info box shows mnemonic brief in cn.
  • disassembly preview support dump
  • can drag the registers view to scroll
  • support "dd" command which dumps the data and set dump mode to dword.
  • support timeout in disassembly preview
  • show icon in the attach dialog