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Platform Support

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Successful open source requires the strong participation of several parties. We want to make clear who is expected to maintain the different pieces of this project, and track the current status of each Xamarin.Forms platform backend.

Repository Maintainer: Microsoft Xamarin.Forms Team
Program Manager: David Ortinau

Microsoft fully supports Xamarin.Forms core features which includes data binding, navigation, layouts, control abstractions, and services.

Platform Backend Status Supported By
Android Stable Microsoft
GTK# Early Preview - Report Community
iOS Stable Microsoft
macOS Preview - Report Microsoft
Tizen Stable - Report Third Party - Samsung
UWP Stable Microsoft
WPF Early Preview - Report Community


Early Preview - these platforms are early in the development cycle and made available for feedback on their viability and usefulness. Reported issues are treated as feedback.
Preview - these platforms are in some stage of development and reported issues will be addressed as time allows.
Stable - these platforms are fully supported and reported issues get priority attention.

Supported By

Community - supported by the contributor and community at large, of which Microsoft is an active participant.
Third Party - supported by a third party organization.
Microsoft - the Xamarin.Forms team fully supports these platforms.

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