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Added detailed instructions for setting it up with xapi.

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@@ -6,14 +6,20 @@ daemon to run alongside [xen-api](
Even this minimal daemon has a few dependencies, e.g. `http-svr`, `stunnel`,
`xml-light2`, `rpc-light`, and `camlp4`. If the repository is cloned within
the `ocaml` directory of [xen-api](, all
-the dependencies should be satisfied.
+of these dependencies should be satisfied.
-## Compiling
+## Setting up with xen-api
-* The daemon server can be compiled by running `omake daemon_server`.
-* The daemon client can be compiled by running `omake daemon_client`.
-* The test can be run by running `omake test`.
-You might need to define a global variable `OPTDIR`, e.g.:
- export OPTDIR=""
+* Clone the repository within `xen-api/ocaml`.
+* Rename the repository's directory to `<my_daemon>`.
+* Remove `.git`, `.gitignore`, and `` within the `<my_daemon>`
+ directory.
+* Add `<my_daemon>` to `.SUBDIRS` variable in `xen-api/ocaml/OMakefile`.
+* Enter `xen-api`'s `chroot`.
+* Enter `xen-api`'s directory and compile it with `make`.
+* Enter the `<my_daemon>` directory.
+* Ensure that global variable `OPTDIR` is defined. If not, define it with
+ `export OPTDIR=""`.
+* Compile the daemon server by running `omake daemon_server`.
+* Compile the daemon client by running `omake daemon_client`.
+* Run the test by running `omake test`.

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