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This site is built with gatsby!


An unorganized list to help me keep this organized

  • Everything in src/posts is built into a page automatically, nothing extra needed
  • All the blog posts are made into pages by js code in gatsby-node.js
  • .md(x) files in the pages folder can have optional frontmatter that's available to MdxPageLayout via props.pageContext.frontmatter.
  • .md(x) files can supply a title in frontmatter, or just use a # tag at the top of the page. If you want a subtitle, you need to supply both the title and subtitle in frontmatter.
  • For the SEO component, later versions of it will be merged into the root value. title and XYZ are picked up automatically if in frontmatter or you can drop an actual component in the file.
  • the gatsby version is pinned to 2.22.20 to get around this
  • the gatsby version is pinned to ~3.6 because of a bug with inline SVGs
  • the gatsby version is pinned to 4.7.2 because of a bug preventing builds on netlify
  • there's really only styles for h1-h4, so don't use h5 and down
  • anything that would have dropped in as a cdn tag and included should go in gatsby-browser
  • some lines in markdown have <!-- prettier-ignore --> because prettier is adding a \ before regular $.
  • adding draft: true to a post's frontmatter hides it from the list and stops the page from being built.
  • here's a handy bash script that downloads remote images, puts them in ./images, and copies the filename for pasting:
function imgsav () {
  curl -s $(pbpaste) > "./images/$1"; printf "./images/$1" | pbcopy;
  • You can insert a markdown img after the above function with the ;img snippet
  • the favicon was generated at this link
  • the og_img is from this site using the same settings as the favicon:
    • font: Covered by your Grace
    • Michigan colors
  • Meramid works out of the box, but I've also been able to embed SVGs from github pages like this: <img class="svg" src="" />
  • everything in the static is served from the root of the site (without any prefix)

Media Posts

  • Movie/tv backdrops are on TMDB
  • book covers are at<GBID>?fife=w400-h400
  • game headers are straight from Steam (or IGDB for non-steam games)
  • yarn doctoc path/to/folder will regenerate the TOC, along with the ;toc snippet.
    • for the media post, use yarn doctoc posts/favorite-media-2021 --maxlevel 2 to get only the headers


Markdown, but with react components.

Adding a new custom component:

  1. Add a folder in components with index.js and component-name.scss
  2. Add the component to MdxComponentLayout
  3. Add the name to the eslint config, so it doesn't yell in the linter