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Compatibility to Virtualisation Host

  • all XCP-ng releases
  • XenServer 7.0 or greater


  • #147 Server Make and Model displayed in Center


  • #128 Defining a specific MAC address during the XVA import wizard does not persist during import
  • #156 XCP-ng Center 8.0.0 (build live/offline virtual migration/move
  • #144 Remove health check from XCP-ng Center
  • #168 Branding of "[Citrix VM Tools]"

Known Issues

  • #20 No help files
  • xcp-ng/xcp#135 Probeing a NFSv4 or NFSv4.1 SR does not detect the supported protocol version correctly (at least with FreeNAS), so in this release all three buttons ignore the probe result and stay enabled after the scan:
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