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View high-detail, full-precision 3D BIM & AEC models in the browser.


  1. xeokit-sdk Public

    Open source JavaScript SDK for viewing high-detail, full-precision 3D BIM and AEC models in the Web browser.

    HTML 485 197

  2. A browser-based BIM viewer, built on the xeokit SDK

    JavaScript 222 199

  3. Forked from bimspot/xeokit-metadata

    A multi-platform command line tool for extracting the structural hierarchy of the building elements within an IFC into the metadata format of the xeokit-sdk.

    C# 4 4

  4. Convert various AEC model formats for efficient viewing in the browser with xeokit.

    JavaScript 16 21

  5. Drop multiple model file formats in a directory, run a script, and view them all together in the browser - IFC, points clouds and CAD models.

    SCSS 6 8


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