Xeora is a Web Development Framework for .NET developers who are NOT willing to develop web applications or micro-services using Microsoft standards like ASP MVC, ASP.NET but want to use .net programming languages such as C#, F#, VB.NET as their main programming language. Xeora provides higher performance, scalability, automation and easiness to…
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Xeora Web Development Framework

Xeora is .Net Web Development Framework for developers who are not willing to develop applications using Microsoft ASP MVC or ASP.NET but want to use .net programming languages such C# as their main development language. Xeora provides higher performance and easy to use web development framework for .NET developers. v7 is the completely rewritten version of v6 with better performance on speed and rendering. v7 version works on .NET Core, Mono Framework and .NET Framework without any platform dependency. v7 version can be dockerized.

Here is our repository for xeora web development framework source. https://github.com/xeora/v7.

Unless otherwise noted, the Xeora source files are distributed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE file.

Download and Install

Binary Distributions

Official binary distributions are available at http://www.xeora.org/downloads

To create development environment, please visit http://www.xeora.org/tutorials to reach the installation instructions.

v7 version can be dockerized. For docker images please visit https://hub.docker.com/u/xeora/


Xeora is powerful but also needs contributors to increase its perfection! We appreciate your help!

Note that the Xeora project does not use GitHub pull requests, and that we use the issue tracker for bug reports and proposals only.

For documentation you can check https://github.com/xeora/v7/blob/master/QuickGuide.txt for xeora grammer summary or http://www.xeora.org/documentation for detailed documentation.