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Welcome to xMatters Labs, the official/unofficial Research and Development wing of xMatters, inc., and home to the most cutting-edge integrations on offer.

These are full integrations, for the xM Labs Steps repo, cruise over here

For a full list of our current integrations, head over to

To join the discussion on all things related to xMatters integrations, check out our user forums at

This list is based on the awesome framework of awesome-cisco and awesome-go.


Getting started - Build an integration

When thinking about deisgning an integration, remember that there are really three types of integrations with the xMatters platform:

Other Links

Getting started - Post the repo

Once you've completed the integration, it's time to post the artifacts to github.

  1. Head over to the template for detailed instructions on how to get started.
  2. After all changes have been made, open an issue and we'll add it to the list. We might fork the repo to keep it "in house".




The Alertus integration allows xMatters to make limited desktop notifications. (The integration targets a group or organizational unit in Alertus; it does not add desktop notifications as a device type.)


Bitbucket Pipelines

Pipelines are a powerful way to kick off build scripts from Bitbucket repos. Be notified and drive workflow on failed builds.


Amazon CloudWatch

CloudWatch is Amazon's monitoring arm for the AWS infrastructure. This is a one way integration to be notified of any alerts from CloudWatch.

EBS Resize

Block storage is a major component of many applications and sometimes it fills up. This workflow submitted to the community uses the Flow Designer to resize the volumes when they fill up.


Control - M v9

xM Labs closed loop integration for Control-M 9. For an engineering approved integration to Control-M v8, see here.

Remedy Helix

Helix is the new framework for working with the BMC tools such as Remedy. This is a new closed loop integration for sending targeted notifications and sending responses.


This integration is for BMC's Truesight, formerly known as BPPM, and extends Truesight with the power and flexibility of the xMatters notification and collaboration platform.


Agile Central

Agile Central, formerly known as Rally, provides a hub for teams to collaboratively plan, prioritize and track work on a synchronized cadence.

Unified Infrastructure Manager

CA UIM is a network management solution that monitoring availability and performance. This is a closed-loop integration that sends events into xMatters using a UIM probe, and sends response information back to the originating UIM ticket.


Chef Server

Whether you have five or five thousand servers, Chef lets you manage them all by turning infrastructure into code. This integration lets you integrate xMatters and Chef Server at the Recipe level.

Chef Automate - Compliance

This specific integration provides details on integrating with Chef Automate Compliance.

Chef Automate - Generic Webhook

This specific integration provides details on integrating with Chef Automate Generic Webhook.


CircleCi is a CI/CD platform for building anything. This integration adds xMatters notifications to the build pipeline



This integration polls Prime for new Alarms and will generate events in xMatters for each one.


Closed loop integration to EasyVista Incidents


Get xMatters notifications for all metrics in Grafana.


Aggregate logs and trigger alerts into xMatters.



Consul by Hashicorp is a service networking solution to automate network configurations, discover services, and enable secure connectivity across any cloud or runtime.


The queen of observation platforms, Honeycomb gives you insight into all the dark corners of your application. This integration adds the on-call scheduling and workflow capabilities of xMatters.



The HP NNMi closed loop integration triggers based on defined Incident criteria and allows users to take ownership and close Incidents in NNMi.


The HP OMi closed loop integration provides real-time notifications to quickly respond to critical events.


One way integration to SiteScope



Closed loop integration to Ivanti Service Manager Cloud


Jenkins is the leading automation server. This integration allows recipients to respond to notifications from xMatters and update their builds in Jenkins.


Kiali is a service mesh visualization tool for use with Istio. This shared library exposes several API calls from Kiali to enrich the xMatters notifications to include the service relationship information


Lightstep is a leading observability and APM tool for keeping production systems running. The xMatters integration helps minimize the blast radius.


Loggly is a SaaS solution for log data management. This one-way integration will notify recipients about trends that Loggly notices in log files.


LogicMonitor is a Saas based performance monitoring tool. This integration will trigger notifications based on an alert rule. is a cloud based implementation of the ELK stack. Using a trial instance, this integration demonstrates the ease of passing log alerts into xMatters.


This integration for the ManageEngine platform from Zoho brings the power of xMatters to IT Ops and Serice Desk.



Azure is the cloud services offering from Microsoft. This integration is to the monitoring arm of Azure.

DevOps Boards

DevOps boards help keep your team engaged and aware of current priorities. This integration triggers an xMatters workflow when actions are performed on the board.

DevOps Pipelines

Build web, desktop and mobile applications and deploy to any cloud or on-premises with Azure Pipelines. This integration allows you to trigger a pipeline from xMatters, or have the pipeline trigger xMatters for a pipeline task or release gate.

Nagios Core

Nagios Core is the tried and true monitoring application in use far and wide. This integration expands the notifications to leverage xMatters. If you are looking for Nagios XI, see here

Nagios XI

Nagios is a long favored monitoring solution for companies across the spectrum. XI adds much functionality and commercial support.

Oracle Cloud Control

Cloud Control is Oracle's solution for monitoring and managing enterprise clouds and traditional Oracle IT environments from a single console.


OverOps is a leading monitoring solution that provides direct insight into code level issues. This one-way integration sends events into xMatters using the Webhook alerts feature in OverOps.

Palo Alto Networks


Trigger notifications to on-call resources from a playbook and then take action in XSOAR based on the user's response.


pgDash provides comprehensive PostgreSQL monitoring. This integration adds xMatters notifications and toolchains from pgDash.


Postman is a great way to play with APIs without writing code. This is a Collection to get you up and running with minimal effort to interact with all the xMatters APIs.


Prometheus is a leading open source time series database for getting application and system metrics. This one-way integration uses a webhook to fire AlertManager alerts to xMatters.


This integration provides some easy to use APEX code and the HTTP Trigger needed to parse the payload from SalesForce. A little work with this one will have you notifying on-call groups in no time.


Sematext is an IT System Monitoring & Management Tools for smart devops teams that want to move faster.


Our integration with ServiceNow is available via the ServiceNow store (see our Support site for full details), but we're still working on making it better, and we have a couple of cool enhancements already.

Inform with xMatters

CI Support Groups on Engage form

  • CI Support Groups - An "add-on" for including the upstream and downstream CI groups to the Engage with xMatters form.

Engage: Problem Management

Engage: Post to Chat

Event log

This integration adds the event status, response and delivery information to a table within ServiceNow. This makes for an easy source of reporting.

Integration Hub

The Integration Hub from ServiceNow allows for easy drag and drop integrations across any table to any product. This integration gives an example for Incident that can be modified for any other table.


The Lean Integration Nerve Center (Linc) is an alternative integration to xMatters from ServiceNow and can support any table in ServiceNow rather than just incidents.

Major Incident Module

The Major Incident Module in ServiceNow adds specific functionality around Major Incidents. This integration adds the power of xMatters.

Service Portal Widget

The Service Portal in ServiceNow is a framework for building rich self service pages. This is a widget to quickly see the on-call schedule in one (or more) of these pages.


Get alerts from all layers of the microservices of your application with the xMatters integration to SignalFx


Site24x7 provides an array of monitoring capabilities and this integration extends it with the xMatters integration and collaboration platform capabilities.


Slack is a fantastic chat application that's insanely - and deservedly - popular. We've put together a script library for use with the xMatters Integration Builder to help you interact easily with the Slack API hooks and endpoints.



AppOptics provides next generation insight into your applications. This integration adds xMatters as an alerting method.


Librato provides real time monitoring dashboards to easily see and be alerted to any anomalous behavior.


Papertrail is a cloud-hosted log management for faster troubleshooting of infrastructure and application issues.


This integration with Spinnaker brings the xMatters notification and response engine into the Manual Judgement phase.


Custom Messages

With this revamped Splunk integration, you can add custom meta information to the Splunk alert.


Extend the alerting and notification abilities of Sysdig with this integration. Also includes an Acknowledge response.


ThousandEyes sees all and can send alerts based on a large variety of network related criteria.



Copy Group

A message panel to copy a group.

Clone Event

Sometimes you just need an easy way to create an event that looks mostly like another one. This is the utility for you.

Dummy Event Generator

Email Parser

Email integrations sometimes are the only way to get data out of one application and into xMatters, this integration shows how you can easily parse inbound emails to properly pass properties.

IA Heartbeat

This slick integration helps to alert when the Integration Agent misses a heartbeat, indicating it lost connection to xMatters.

Incomplete Groups

Harass group supervisors to make sure they have users in their groups

Initiate by phone

Levraging the tools of Twilio, this integration kicks off an event initiated by calling into a phone number.


JSON Web Tokens are an emerging standard for authenticating with APIs in cloud based systems. This library helps generate them in the integration builder.

Post Daily On-call

Ever wanted a daily post the on-call schedule for some groups into your favorite Slack or MS Teams channel? This integration is for you!

Post Event Report

Mass Administer Users

A message panel to mass acitivate and deactivate users.

Shift Gaps

Check out this sweet shift gaps notification tool from Paul Dansey. It will find any gaps in the shifts in the groups specified and send a notification with the details.


Run time translation for messages!? This integration uses the Google Translation service to translate the individual properties of an event and inserts them into the outgoing notifications.

Who is on call now

Generate a notification with the current on-call schedule for the indicated groups.

xAgent Dockerfile

Docker is a great way to build secure, resiliant infrastructure. This repo details how to run the xAgent in a container environment.

xAgent on Kubernetes

Add the xAgent to your kubernetes cluster for access to kubectl and knative APIs.


Previous iterations of some integrations used an older SOAP payload. This is a useful comm plan for demonstrating how to work with SOAP in the integration builder.


This template node project provides ready-to-use example node.js scripts using xmtoolbox to backup, restore, upload, synconiza data with xMatters and more.


Zabbix is an open-source network monitoring solution. This integration extends the alerting capabilities to use xMatters, and sends response comments back to Zabbix.


xmtoolbox for node.js

The xmtoolbox exposes all xMatters REST APIs and adds other supporting functions to help with syncronizations, uploads, backups, restorations, and utilitis for working with csv files.

Python SDK

The python SDK exposes most of the xMatters REST API as a python3 library installable with pip.

Example Usage of Python SDK

This repo is an example of how to use the python 3 SDK.


Useful integrations and experiments







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