Converting models to XML3D

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This Wiki page collects ways to convert existing content and ways to export existing content from DCC tools.

Note that objects don't need to be converted to an XML3D format in order to be used in XML3D scenes. XML3D also has a FormatHandler interface that can be used to create plugins to load other formats such as STL or GLTF. Here is a list of available plugins:

Creating your own FormatHandler plugin also isn't so hard, it's described in the wiki page Writing a custom FormatHandler plugin.




Feature comparison

Development XML3D Versions Assets Materials Rigid Body Animations Skeletal Animations
ATLAS active 4.8 / (4.9) yes (xml) phong no no
xml3d-blender-exporter active 4.8, 4.9 yes (xml) phong no yes
Cinema4D-Exporter inactive prior Oct 2011 no phong no no
assimp2xml3d active 4.8/4.9/5.0 yes (xml) phong no no
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