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Channel requests, issues, discussions etc.
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If you have any channel request then create a new issue if the channel isn't listed yet. Be sure to check our channel list first.

Please read information about your country in the "channels" folder. It contains information on why some information are missing.

Updates are run and exported all the time during the day.


Report any issues in the issue tracker and i'll try to fix it asap.


  • Don't use the files for commercial products or projects. Use for this.
  • Use proper User-Agents (we block blank ones).
  • Use your home connection (we block most server provider's ips)
  • Only import when needed. We provide a file which have Last-Modified timestamps for this.

How to use

Please see the guides folder for how to use it in different OS:es etc.


Help us

If you want to help you can do pull requests with guides, info, etc. You can also add better/updated logos to channel-logos.


  • vind is used for importing schedules and running it towards different APIs.
  • channel-logos is the channel logos.
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