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Remote Recon Build and Usage Guide

Remote Recon is a C# post-exploitation agent that utilizes WMI and the registry as a C2 channel. Remote Recon maintains a few common post-ex capabilities such as keylogging, screenshot, token impersonation, and PowerShell execution via runspaces. The agent is compiled into a class library, and then converted to a JScript payload using @tiraniddo's DotNetToJScript tool. To gain execution on a remote target, a WMI event subscription is created with the JScript payload as an ActiveScriptEventConsumer. The event fires when a RegistryValueChangeEvent occurs for one of the values within the Remote Recon base registry path. Alternative methods for execution exist with Powershell, JScript/VBScript execution w/ cscript.exe, and COM scriptlets.

Building Remote Recon

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  2. Dependencies
  3. Build Process

Using Remote Recon

  1. Installation and Execution
  2. Capabilities
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