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Autogenerated code documentation can be found at so go there if that is what you are interested in, the rest of this readme concerns the process of building gamecake from source.

If you want to build then you should clone and then run the git-pull script to make sure everything is up to date.

git clone
cd gamecake

It is best to always use this script to git pull the latest everything so that git is less likely to get its knickers in a twist.


Releases are compiled inside the vbox_* directories (linux32/linux64/raspi/emscipten/windows) which contain vagrant or qemu boxes setup to build the code in a controlled environment via a ./make script. The latest code built this way can be found in the exe branch and a zip of them all can be downloaded from

For a linuxy build, the big required build/lib dependencies are luajit, luafilesystem and SDL2. You have two choices either install via a package manager, the following script should do that using apt.


Or build them and install them from source which the following script will try to do.


Then you may use these scripts to make and install.

sudo ./install

For some more options when building (eg use clang) see the output of

./make --help

Alternatively any vbox_* directory can build a specific executable. For instance vbox_1604_64 can be used to build a 64bit executable inside an ubuntu 16.04 vagrant box. See readme files inside these directories for more information.

Once built the engine lives in one single fat binary that includes many lua libraries. For convenience gamecake is a command line compatible replacement for lua. The only diference is we have C libraries and Lua libraries from this repository embedded and ready to be required by your lua code.

We are also setup to auto build snaps via the following should get you a snap install of gamecake.

sudo snap install gamecake
sudo snap connect gamecake:joystick :joystick
sudo snap connect gamecake:alsa :alsa

Gamecake is now slowly becoming fully available as a luarock, all our custom libraries can be installed at once with.

sudo luarocks install gamecake

This is still under development but is already the replacement for the older webserver pagecake builds. I now use a generic openresty combined with a luarocks gamecake install.

This is a bit of a hassle to setup, as all server things are, but basically it means install openresty and then do something like to install luarocks that openresty can see and then use that luarocks to install gamecake which will get us all the gamecake libs inside an nginx lua environment.


GameCake is a single exe cross platform game engine, a command line build of Lua(JIT) with embedded libs.





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