Capsitrano 3 copy scm - tar your git branch and deploy to your server
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Capistrano 3 :copy

A copy strategy for Capistrano 3, which mimics the :copy scm of Capistrano 2. This Gem is inspired by and based on Thank wercker so much.

Why you should use this gem?

  • no need to add to all your servers to deploy your remote code
  • just add this gem and use your deploy service (your laptop) read from repo and deploy to your servers

This will make Capistrano tar the a specific git branch, upload it to the server(s) and then extract it in the release directory.

Release notes


  • local_path is now configurable
  • Use Git Revison as the name of tar file, also keep a proper revisions.log
  • Add possibility to have tmp_dir_remote


  • Tidy up
  • New local tmp folder (/tmp/application-name/timestamp) so you can deploy without worry about clearup
  • Remove incorrect README content


Machine running Capistrano:

  • Capistrano 3
  • tar


  • mktemp
  • tar
  • ruby
  • bundler (if you allow cap to run bundle for you)


First make sure you install the capistrano-scm-gitcopy by adding it to your Gemfile:

gem "capistrano-scm-gitcopy"

Then switch the :scm option to :gitcopy in config/deploy.rb:

set :scm, :gitcopy

Finally, DO NOT ADD require 'capistrano/gitcopy' to Capfile because capistrano/setup already loads the scm module with the :scm value you specified.

There is no default branch, you have to pass the branch you want to deploy as argument in the command line.


  bundle exec cap staging deploy branch=(your release branch)