Fast and scalable methods for answering reachability queries
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Pruned Labeling for Reachability Queries

What is this?

This is an implementation of Pruned Labeling methods for reachability queries on directed graphs. A reachability query (s, t) asks if there is a path between two nodes s and t. Our program quickly answers reachability queries on a given graph by precomputing an index.

Our methods "Pruned Landmark Labeling" and "Pruned Path Labeling" are provided as C++ classes, RQPrunedLandmarkLabeling and RQPrunedPathLabeling. Please see sample/benchmark.cpp for the detailed usage.

Running a sample program

$ make
$ ./benchmark < sample.graph

An input (directed) graph file should be given in the following format:

  • The first line contains #vertices and #edges separated by a space.
  • The (i+1)-th line (0 <= i < |V|) contains indexes of vertices which are adjacent to the i-th vertex, separated by a space. (0-indexed)
  • The input graph can contain cycles.