d3.geomap - a reusable geographic map for D3.js
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d3.geomap is designed to be a reusable geographic map for D3. In its current stage it consists of a class to create plain maps d3.geomap() and one for choropleth maps d3.geomap.choropleth().

Refer to the documentation on how to use d3.geomap and to download a bundle that contains minified versions of d3.geomap and its dependencies as well as TopoJSON files for creating world and individual country maps.

Installing from source

$ git clone https://github.com/yaph/d3-geomap.git
$ cd d3-geomap
$ npm install

Start the development server

$ gulp

Open http://localhost:8000/examples/ in a browser and choose to view one of the example maps.

Map Showcase

World Cup 2014 Players' Birth Countries

The map above, showing birth countries of Football World Cup 2014 players, was created with d3.geomap. For more examples see the map showcase.