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API Keys and Sandbox Access

Follow these steps to start using the Yapily API:

Quick Start
  1. Register a developer account on
  2. Create an application, entering at least one callback URI and select the financial institutions you would like your application to connect to. You can use our pre-configured sandbox credentials with a single click or add your own
  3. Your application is issued with a unique application key and application secret to use when connecting to the Yapily API
  4. Test the application using the built-in simulator from the dashboard sidebar or download the postman collection as per the guide
Next Steps
  1. Configure your chosen financial institutions as per the guide
  2. (Optionally) Use the Yapily Java SDK in your project
  3. Configure the SDK using your API access credentials
  4. Redirect the user to the authorisation page of the Sandbox Institution
  5. You will receive back a consentToken once the test user has been redirected to the callback URL
  6. Use the consentToken to execute API requests for that user consent
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