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Brackets developer tools extension
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Brackets Tools

Adobe Brackets developer tools extension. @yasinkuyu


  • Method 1: Open the Brackets Extension Manager and search for brackets tools
  • Method 2: Download directly from GitHub using either the latest release and install the contents to extensions/user/brackets-tools folder.


  • Highlight Word Selection -> View menu (on/off)
  • New Html5 Template -> File Html5 (remove ->
  • Multi Localization Translations
    • English
    • Turkish
    • Italian
    • German
    • Chinese
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Czech
    • Japanese
  • Remove Empty Lines
  • Remove Break Lines
  • To Upper Case
  • To Lower Case
  • To Title Case
  • Word To Array
  • Word To List (ul li tag)
  • Line To List
  • Html Encode
  • Html Docode
  • URL Encode
  • Url Decode
  • Html Tag Remove/Strip
  • Trim
  • Left Trim
  • Right Trim
  • First x Char Remove (ex: first 5 char remove)
  • Last x Char Remove
  • SEO Url
  • Remove line numbers
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • Double click sidebar new html5 file
  • more tools coming soon...


All page or by selecting a specific area can use the features...


Highlight Selection (click and ALT+F3) (Mac shortcut: Ctrl+Cmd+G)

Highlight Selection Sample

Array and List (ul li)

Array and List

Duplicate Remove

Highlight Selection Menu

HTML Tag Remove/Strip

HTML Tag Strip



Other Tools



Planned features

  • Tools menu group items move to submenu. Trello #541
  • More string tools
  • Color detect and lighten/darken value
  • Ctrl+click search on google


Fork & Pull Request


The MIT License

Brackets Inline Units Conversion Extension (px to em /em to px etc.)

Brackets Newdoc

GitHub Atom editor default dark theme

GitHub Atom editor default light theme

Created 2014 Yasin Kuyu - @yasinkuyu

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